Mining, disasters, and condoms.

By now, typhoon “Pablo” may have left the Philippines (although the news says it will leave the Philippine Area of Responsibility by Sunday), but the damage it has left is simply massive: 456 people dead and 4 billion worth of damages was left by the typhoon.

Among the hard hit areas were those of Compostela Valley, an area known for illegal mining and logging activities. In fact, the landslides that occurred in Compostela Valley that led to hundreds of death can be blamed to the rampant illegal mining and logging activity in the mountains. However, Governor Arturo Uy denies mining as the cause of flashfloods in New Bataan, Compostela Valley, but I still would not believe him given the background of Compostela Valley.

No offense to the Catholic Church (I myself a Catholic), but I find it really, really stupid of them to blame again the steady progress of the ever-controversial RH Bill in both Senate and Congress. They even claim that the disaster is a punishment from God sending a message not to pass the RH Bill.

If you would excuse my language, these hypocritical bishops have been bashing the RH bill since its inception in the early 2000s, and even point out to disasters as a message from God. Just to refresh, anti-RH supporters said that the habagat that happened on August was also a message from God to stop pursuing the RH Bill. Bitch please, do you guys do not get the point why the Philippines need one?

In relation to the RH Bill by the way, I laughed at the statement of Batangas Archbishop Ramon Arguelles saying that those who are passing for the RH bill are those who are stuck in colonial mentality. Sadly, the honorable bishop forgot his history lesson: The fact that the Philippines became Catholic because we were colonized by the Spaniards 600 years ago, of which clearly states that Catholicism in the Philippines is a product of colonialism, not the other way around.

With all these bashing of the Catholic church, I am glad that our government is not a pussy this time on being strong on its stand on the RH bill. In fact, the Malacañan urged Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo to pray for the victims and not criticize the RH Bill.

However, even though I am not siding with the Church on their stand with the RH Bill, today’s a holiday of obligation (it’s the feast of the Immaculate Concepcion today), and I started things off with a mass. After all, no matter how I am dismayed at my own religion, I still hope they will have a change of heart.


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